Present activities

Published on 14 December 2021 • Autostazione Bologna

The Bus Station Commercial Hub is currently being redesigned.

The definition of the spaces, as they will be built in the future, will also be published shortly in order to allow interested parties any expressions of interest. Work on the modernization of Autostazione is expected to start in 2023.

To date, the commercial activities housed in the spaces of Autostazione are:

  • Bar and self service

Bar Bistrot Self Service New Line - tel. 051 9970814

  • Ticketing and Passenger Services

TPER Ticket Office S.p.A. - tel. 051 290290
SAIS Trasporti Srl Ticket Office - tel. 340 0696950
Flixbus Srl ticket office - 348 8882901
Atlas Motors Srl ticket office - tel. 335 5303464
Bus Center Srl ticket office - tel. 06 164160
Passenger waiting room

  • Stores and utilities

Vecchi E Venturi tobacco shop/newsstand - tel. 051 248002
Travel Agency/Ticketing Office - tel. 051 250125

  • Parking

P.zza XX Settembre parking lot (for the disabled only)
Downtown parking lot (entrance from Via Capo di Lucca)

  • Various services

Toilet (external square – departures shelter) passport photos

Sanitizer dispensers, snacks and drinks